CPM Construction - A local construction company approached me and needed a logo re-design. I used some of their finished projects as inspiration to create a mark that reflects their craftsmanship.
Spartan Head Logo - In 2010, Nike tried to make a change to the MSU Spartan Head logo. MSU fans were furious about the change. Nike's attempt at a new Spartan Head logo yielded a less aggressive representation. The people were upset about their beloved Spartan being weakened. This logo was born from that dispute. I thought if the logo has to change, let's change it. It's a different view, different helmet, but, most of all, aggressive and strong like a Spartan.
Chef Robert Irvine Logo
When the Big Ten expanded to 12 teams, a new logo was needed. The previous logo had a hidden 11 in it and would be irrelevant with a 12th team. Pentagram was hired by the Big 10 and chose to emphasize the BIG. I, on the other hand, chose to hide a number 2 in the number 0.
Cycle-Re-Cycle Logo - Cycle-Re-Cycle is a non-profit organization that helps to supply bicycles to people that can not afford cars or other transportation in Benton Harbor, MI. This simple act helps people get to and from work, helping them support themselves and their families.
Michigan Natural Features Inventory Logo - The MNFI is an Extension program of Michigan State University. The MNFI tracks and follows wildlife so that they can help improve the environments and conditions that different species live in. They needed a mark that represented their interaction with wildlife and nature.
Help Haiti - This is a logo I designed for a local Non-Profit. Their aim is to raise money to build homes in Haiti after the devastating earthquake. The icon is in the shape of the homes that they build.
Macomb United Football Club Crest - This is a logo I designed for an amateur soccer team based just outside of Detroit, MI.
Logo concept for a delivery breakfast service.
Matthew Geiger
Art Director / Graphic Designer Chicago, IL