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Procedural Terrain

This was a solo AI project to create endless, procedurally generated terrain in Unity. It includes two different environments that fade into each other as you keep moving, each using different assets and levels of Simplex, Voronoi, and Diamond Square noise to generate the terrain heightmap. It processes the heights, normals and environment configuration to place trees, grass, and textures appropriately, for example placing one time of flower only near water or snow only at high elevations. I used multi-threading (avoiding use of Unity specific data types) to process the next terrain to be generated as your moving through the existing terrain so that it can load with less impact on the frame rate. And it has a day-night cycle for fun. Most of the art assets in this project, including the music, come with Unity or were free from the Unity Asset Store.

Matthew Mundell
Assistant Professor at Marshall University Huntington, WV