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Classic Transformers - This is more or less a self directed project that I did in my 5th year. It started as a one week assignment to simply draw some classic cars at the local auto museum. Instead I decided to give the project a twist, converting some of my favorite classic autos into Transformers. Effectively combining two of my favorite things to design/draw, cars and giant robots.
Ferrari 250 GTO - The GTO is the only "female" robot of the bunch.
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing - This car always looked kinda bug-like to me. I've given it the evil insect (Insecticon for those in the know) look.
Chevrolet Corvette (C3) - The 3rd generation (C3) Corvette has always been the coolest to me. Bringing it to life was a piece of cake.
Cord 810 Phaeton - The Cord was highly criticized in its time. Now it stands out in a crowd of classics as an innovative and unique design.
Minerva 8 AL - The Minerva is a beast. This massive vehicle makes even the largest cars of today seem tiny by comparison.
Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow - The Silver Arrow was the wrong car at the wrong time. The depression kept this beauty from ever being a commercial success.
48 Tucker - Another car that was way ahead of his time. Too bad the Tucker wasn't able to thrive. Something tells me that if it had, Tucker eventually would've found a way to power cars with water and market them for 500 bucks.
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Classic Transformers
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