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EasyBloom - Gardening Tool Plant Sensor - The EasyBloom Plant Sensor shows exactly what vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs or houseplants will grow anywhere, inside or outside. For over 5,000 plants, EasyBloom has step-by-step plant care, pruning, fertilization and gardening tips. The challenge was to develop a casual and friendly identity with a real differentiator from 3C products. www.plantsense.com

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Logitech Chillstream Controllers - Originally a restyling study for 1 xbox controller with inbuilt fan. After studying competitors we managed to significantly improve the cooling effect but it also created a strong identity, deployed on the complete range after 2 years of partnership with Logitech. Computer simulations and users feedback has shown the significant improvement of the “tunnel effect” which constantly allows the air to flow whichever players’ hand’s size and way of holding the controller.
3m - Child Reading Lamp - Reading lamp concept for children. The lamp has a storage area and is able to have a child seating on it. Its recreational spirit follows kids need to move and play while reading at home. Belly Joe is not just a lamp to do the homework but a home companion. Good study case which demonstrates the culture differences and misunderstandings between clients and designers.

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Illustrated Design Process - Once upon a time, Era design decided to publish a book about our work and projects. My boss asked me to illustrate the design process.

Sounds like the little guy in red jacket (client) has some troubles with the grass around his house.

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Promise - Storage Server
Asus - Ideations
National Palace Museum - Reading Lamp
Era Design-Overview
Industrial Designer & Project Manager at MITAC Taipei, Taiwan