Your Brain On Drugs
Matt Medium Is For The Birds
Untitled - Mixed Media on Paper
Fleyeball - A logo/identity piece of sorts I did for the Boston based "Dukes Of Funk" who ironically do not play funk music. Check them out.!/thedukesoffunk?sk=app_178091127385
My Weird Mind Wanders - Pen on Paper
Le Lemur - Pen and Marker on Envelope
The Wolfman's Uncle - ahhhwwooooooooo!
Bunny Elkapus
Sketch Book Page
Sharky - I'm comin' ta get ch-cha cha cha ch-cha cha
I Love Horses
Pig and Bird - A drawing of a pig and a bird. What a wacky concept.
Kyp Malone
Scribble Bonzi - Pen On Paper
Mr. Marley
Against All Odds
Born Out Of Mistakes
Catt + Mouse
Wicked Sketchy - Loose drawings piled together.
Drawing I did for a Pabst sponsored art show.
Impossible Is Possible
I Am The Walrus.
Analog Drawing Tactics
Matt Medium
Freelance Illustrator/Designer Boston, MA