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Digital Illustration.
PMBS Fast Eddie Version - Poster Design For Postmodern Bullshit
35th Annual Group Show - Postcard design for a group show, photograph and text.
Mossy Moss - Digital illustration 1st Draft
Donovan McNabb
Choose Success - Most of my friends are centaurs.
Face Melter
Boston Skyline Remix - Manipulated/collaged photographs of Boston landmarks.
Beware Of The Bear - Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins!
Party Boy Centaur
Blob Dylan
Tiger Style - Digital Illustration
Skelator Rockin A Beanie
ADD/LED COW. For ADD/LED volume 1.
Bust Dunnies. Digital Illustration. 2013.
Self Promotional Cigarette Advertisement.
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Digital Illustrations
Comments (17)
  • Stupid Dope….. I can't stop looking at your work, the presentation and art direction.

    5 years ago

  • very nice job

    8 years ago

  • too cool for school! and I love the subtitle- big smile

    9 years ago

  • like!)

    10 years ago

  • wow

    10 years ago

Matt Medium
Freelance Illustrator/Designer Boston, MA