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Veranda & Vine Logo
Veranda & Vine Logo
Veranda & Vine Primary Color Palette
Veranda & Vine Typography
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Veranda & Vine Logo

Veranda & Vine offers a number of different wine related services including customized wine tasting, education, concierge, travel and information.

Veranda & Vine looks to create a close relationship with its customers and help them learn more about wine while having a great time doing it. The goal was to create something casual, approachable and visually distinct. Also, the logo needed to stand out from any generic wine trends and themes.

The chosen direction merges a bold typeface with a delicate and light vine-like ampersand between the two words. The ampersand and the V of "Vine" combine to make up the logo mark that sits memorably within the name. Rich shades of green are paired with matte black to make the mark both work with the logo as a whole and also shine on its own.

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Matt Simpson
Graphic Designer Atlanta, GA