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PS Rendering Tuturial: Step 1: Sketch - 1. Scan in sketch. Make sure linework is dark enough for you to see after the scan.
PS Rendering Tutorial: Step 2: Line work - 1. With the pen tool in either PS or AI (i use PS), trace every line of your shoe

2. I start with a 5px outline of the shoe

3. Rest of shoe is done using a 3px outline
PS Rendering Tutorial: Step 3: B/W Color Blocking - 1. I stay away from color right now. All this step is doing for me is to see what layers are connected with each other and what layers are on top / on bottom

2. I use the magic wand tool to select the areas I want to fill with color.

3. I will usually use a lighter color for the layers that are on top and a darker color for the layers that are underneath

PS Rendering Tutorial: Step 4: Shading - 1. Establish a light source. For this shoe, I have the light source in the top right corner

2. Using only the dodge and burn tool, i select each part of the shoe and create my shadows/highlights

3. I will then go into the blending options for almost every part and use bevel/emboss to add some sharper highlights/shadows

4. Also added a shadow to establish a ground
PS Rendering Tutorial: Step 5: Color - 1. Create a layer that is on top of everything

2. Change the blending options of that layer to 'soft light'

3. Using a very large soft brush, I play around with color until I'm satisfied

**for this type of rendering, I am not worried about coloring each individual material/part a different color. This is more of a 'money shot' rendering to add at the very end of a portfolio or process book.
PS Rendering Tutorial: Step 6: Extras - 1. Darkened my background to add more contrast

2. Added a subtle reflection

3. Created a layer on top of everything, filled it with black, changed the blending options to 'overlay' and the opacity to 30%

4. Added some light in the back of the shoe hinting at some wrap around light

5. Added small soft brush marks (one is on the logo)

6. Finalized it with a signature

Hope you enjoyed!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have either within a comment or an email.
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Photoshop Rendering Tutorial