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painting out of design concept. More at www.wekoworks.com
F1 2030 concept Sebastian Vettel

Its compromise between 2 worlds – closed cockpit and open cockpit.
Full closed canopy has also some disadvantages – for example by crash, open mechanism of plexiglass shield lock could be damaged and in case of fire driver can not escape. Than is this problem of hidden driver, what is going opposite the main DNA factor of formula – drivers head is exposed.

My fluently up rising polycarbonate glass cover should not catapult any of debris to the audience – all just slide off fluently (compare to so far existing closed canopy concepts). Covering metal profile could be in view area perforated to improve the visibility – This bow its necessary feature to fold glass edge stiff and help to protect head from side. Than as last point, driver can escape more or less on his own, without need of open something.

Matus Prochaczka
concept artist, designer Bratislava, Slovakia