Pocket audio book - A digital reciever connected to your local library. It enables downloading off audio books, that can be listened on whenever. It creates the link between the user and the library. Can also be used to register "real" books.

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Lowrider with cental locking mechanism - When the fron wheel is pushed against a pole or tree, the front fork is rotated. A wire inside the frame is streched and small locking devices is activated. A key by the handle bars is turned and the bike is protected...

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Disposable shaving kit - The kit contains 10 razor heads, 1 handle, 20 shaving foam pills. It´s a unisex product that replaces the big messy foam cans and plastic bags with shavers that are used today...

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Ergonomic cordless phone - A cordless telephone for teens and young adults. A target group that often have a negative attitude against "ergonomic products".

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Convenient lunch package - A convenient lunch package that contains 5 crispbreads + 5 different cheese spreads. Perfect for the picnic, kids lunch box or just a better alternative than a soda and snickers...

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Daniel Mauritzson
Industrial designer Malmoe, Sweden