Organica 7 | Carbon-Negative Building Concept

Organica 7 is the 7th building in the Organica carbon-negative building concept series. Organica 7 is a mixed-use office & commercial development, with public areas located on the floors 31-36.

Organica 7 features several revolutionary architectural practices, the most prominent of which is the green wall. Present on two sides of the building, the green walls are able to process up to 180lbs of carbon dioxide annually. Organica 7 was built using 100% sustainable concrete, double-insulated window paneling, and features a large solar panel array on its slanted roof.

A characteristic design feature is a curved side-wall, which acts as a windbreaker to prevent the urban tunnel effect. The vestibule and underground parking entrances are both located between the side-wall and the main structure.

The building would be located at 373 Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Maxim Kraft
Building a future worth living in. Berkeley, CA