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Anglepoise Time - Group project where the brief was to expand the company's range of products and venture away from lighting. Dimension Type 4 (DT4) consists of three separate rotating rings that display each increment of time (Hours, Minutes and Seconds).
Hours and minutes ring cross over allowing the user to tell the time. Designed to convey how each second that passes is more than a number on a screen.
Stepper motors drive the copper runners around the inside of the rings powered by batteries. Electromagnets allow the seconds ring to rotate.
Designed to show just how precious time actually is with each passing second and and how reading the time can be exciting and need interaction to tell it.
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Anglepoise Time

Anglepoise DT4 -Contemporary Time Piece.
Brief - A Group Project where we had to branch out and find a new market for the lighting company 'Anglepoise' to expand from it's original and iconic range of product.

Max Wood
Max Sean Wood London, United Kingdom