Rickenbacker proposed site and tower
Stinson Municipal Airport tower concept
(CTBX Aviation) Screenshot of all 3 proposed control tower sites for Rickenbacker International Airport (Ohio)
(CTBX Aviation) Screenshot of Rickenbacker terminal
(CTBX Aviation) Screenshot of Rickenbacker firehouse and large hangars
(CTBX Aviation) Direct overhead screenshot of Frederick Municipal Airport
Screenshot inside FDK Airport cab
(CTBX Aviation) Screenshot of Grand Prairie Municipal Airport firehouse and hangars
(CTBX Aviation) Overhead screenshot of GPM
St. Petersburg Pier (St. Pete, FL) - Designed from the actual blueprints.
Athenian Treasury - Ashes2Art: Design the Athenian Treasury in SketchUp
3D Simulations
Michael Lally
Graphic Designer Rockledge, FL