In-Line Connector - I developed and engineered this In-Line connector for use with the Aluminum Extrusion pictured. After designing the in-line connection, I then developed the prototype and a jig to be used for manufacturing large quantities. This is the final rendering of the Prototype done using 3D Studio Max.
Swivel Connector - I had the pleasure to be apart in designing and building this Prototype with my coworker. I also completed the rendering with techincal drawings as well.
Swivel Connector
Tunnel Exhibit - Exhibits from previous projects. This was drawn in 3D in AutoCAD. From there it was rendered using 3D Studio Max.
Tunnel Exhibit-Top View - Exhibits from previous projects.
Tunnel Exhibit Line Drawing
Exhibits from previous projects.
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Building Layout - This is a multi-page PDF file showing the layout of where certain Exhibits are to be placed within the building. The Exhibit structures are shown on the next pages.
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Mark B
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA