Monday morning art sketch.
I am trying out new styles and character design. In doing this I sometimes emulate existing artists that I admire. I really enjoy Bret Bean. His art style is clean and very unique. I love his line and use of color as well as his ability to tell a story with the most simple of expressions. This is my shot at Bret's style:)
I loved the movie Frozen. This is just a quick sketch of Elsa...the frost queen.
Tuesday blog post:)))
Pirate post from my blog:)
Blog post. reminds me of a teacher I had once.
Blog post:)))
Morning dog walk...
Blog post!
My third grade teacher:)))
Blog post fun:))))
Tablet sketch:)))
Zombie Joe...just an average guy:)
More from my blog:)
Daily post:))))
Gettin ahead blog post:) My daily fun.
Late morning post:)
Another character study from my blog:)
5 minute head alert!!!
6.5 minutes:)
5 minute head!!!!
Daily sketch...5 minutes
5 minute head:)
Another 5 min sketch:)
Character a day keeps the competition at bay!!!
Monkey concepts for a logo.
Thomas going for a jog:)))
Thomas the dinosaur...he is my character I have been working on for years. You will be seeing lots of him soon:)))
Tickle time! This is a spot illustration for a larger project under development.
3d Model in z brush - This is a personal experiment in learning. I have always wanted to learn 3d so that is what I am doing. Model in 3d and colored is photoshop

Thoughts and character sketches for personal projects.

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