The inspiration and creative thinking behind the Dabbaware food container.
Dabbaware is your new go-to for convenient food presentation and storage. Use Dabbaware to eat your meal, store it, stack it, or pack it.
The Dabbaware container is designed to be a versatile and easy to use product to enhance your eating experiences.
Designed to go from serving dishes to sealed storage container, Dabbaware is the perfect meal solution.
A line up of the Dabbaware containers
Use as a separate bowl and saucer while eating.
Dabbaware bowl presented on atop the saucer.
The saucer doubles as a lid that seals the container; ready for storage or travel.
The stackable containers store easily in the refrigerator. (HyperShot rendering)
Mmmm....Coconut curry soup. (A Keyshot rendering)

Dabbaware is an elegant solution to the hassles cause by more common food containers. Made from food grade ceramic, the unique bowl and saucer duo combines to create a sealed and stackable container. Microwave safe, portable, and elegant: Dabbaware does it all. (March 2011)

Marshall Dean
Senior Industrial Designer Alpharetta, GA