The IRWIN Demolition VISE-GRIP was designed to combine the best tools of the trade into the ultimate smashing companion.
After creating the hammer concept, it was then refined and developed into a rapid prototype model to demonstrate it's usefulness and ability.
A final rendering of the IRWIN VISE-GRIP demolition tool. (KeyShot)
Hammer! (Zcorp SLA prototype)
Crowbar! (Zcorp SLA prototype)
The jaw of the tool quickly and easily expands using Irwin's Groovelock technology and locks securely with trusty VISE-GRIP force.
Pry! (Zcorp SLA prototype)
Easily adjustable! (Zcorp SLA prototype)
Grip! (Zcorp SLA prototype)
The Irwin VISE-GRIP Demolition tool grips on to 1/4" interval sizes of commonly used construction materials thanks to the integrated Groovelock (TM) mechanism in the handle.
Once closed, the tool can be used to pry, pull nails and hammer.
Irwin Demolition VISE-GRIP

A reworking of the classic VISE-GRIP, the Irwin demolition tool was developed during a sponsored studio project while at Appalachian State University. This multi-tool concept is meant to revolutionize the deconstruction/demolition tool market by combining the most often used tools into one handheld beast. (April 2010)

Marshall Dean
Senior Industrial Designer Alpharetta, GA