SKNK Perfume Bottle - The lid is meant to mimic the tail of a skunk and sprays a mist when lifted. (HyperShot)
6 Objects on a Table - This image was rendered as part of an exercise to explore both lighting and materials in Rhinoceros and Flamingo. (Flamingo)
Calculator - This was a project that allowed us to create an electronic device using multiple parts and surfacing techniques. (Flamingo)
Calculator in Context - A view of the calculator project rendered on an end table with a lamp. This was meant to show the project in context and work with it in different lighting situations. (Flamingo)
Flashlight - A tutorial rendering. (Flamingo)
Sans Manos - Meaning "no hands," this image is from a project in which we created robotic characters in the CAD program and then later 3D printed models. (HyperShot)
Teapot - An exercise to create a teapot based from a sketch and recreated in Rhino then lighted and rendered. (Flamingo)

Various rendered items. All items built by me using Rhino 4.0 CAD software. Rendering done in either Flamingo or Keyshot. All textures and bitmaps were hand built and tweaked.

Marshall Dean
Senior Industrial Designer Alpharetta, GA