The Tumbleweed end table began by utilizing reclaimed teak wood to create unique furniture concepts.
Tumbleweed won 3rd place in the Groovystuff and Dick Idol design challenge. It was then produced into a collection of modern-rustic furniture.
A photo of the open version of the end table.
A rendering of Tumbleweed using HyperShot.
The presentation design boards used during the contest.
Tumbleweed coffee table
Tumbleweed coffee table with drawers
Tumbleweed end table
Tumbleweed end table with drawers
Presenting at the High Point Furniture Market, October 2010
At the High Point Furniture Market

The Tumbleweed end table is an award-winning and sustainable furniture piece developed for Groovystuff, Inc. A modern-rustic classic, Tumbleweed combines the ruggedness of reclaimed farm wood with the elegance of freshly milled teak boards. The Tumbleweed Collection of tables was produced by Groovystuff for a Dick Idol Home collection following its 3rd place finish in a design challenge and exhibition at the High Point Furniture Market in 2010. (October 2010)

Marshall Dean
Senior Industrial Designer Alpharetta, GA