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Christian Tse - Jewelry 2004 - An example of a concept artfully constructed in reality. This booth had to speak of quality, display and protect the collection, and provide both casual and private sales spaces.
ValSurf - Skidazzle Sales Booth - A long time retail presence at Skidazzle, Val Surf wanted to create a high capacity retail sales booth, which still allowed for personalized customer service.
ValSurf - Skidazzle Sales Booth - Employees could interact with and provide sales assistance from overhead walkways built into the display system.
CCR - Basic Booth Set - Designed as a cost effective way to enhance a basic pole and drape booth space. Easily fit in the bed of a compact pick-up for transport to the tradeshow.
Flojos - Tradeshow Booth Renovation - Flojos desired to refresh their aging tradeshow booth. All aluminum structural parts were powder coated. Sterile acrylic shelves were replaced with flowing curved wood laminate shleves. Graphic textures were added to interior and exterior panels, bringing visual energy to once empty regions.
Modular - 10x20 Booth - This 10x20 modular booth was constructed of light weight materials, required only 2 people to set-it up, and packed completely into a 48"x48"x96" crate.
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Tradeshow Booths
Mark Oberholtz
Production Design Manager Rancho Cucamonga, CA