Save the Polaroids - new piece I'm working on just for fun. No client. Comments and thoughts are welcomed and appreciated as always.
Gearhead Magazine Cover - cover for fictitious magazine.
Magazine Article - this is a magazine article i created for a fictitious car magazine called Gearhead
Magazine Article 2 - this is another magazine article that i created for a car magazine called Gearhead.
Hot Rod Poster
Jamestown Ad - fake ad for Jamestown 425th anniversary.
Travel Magazine. - this is the cover for a fictitious travel magazine called Todays Travel. The picture seen was taken by me.
Zombie Outbreak Survival Poster - the first in what will be a set of 4 zombie survival posters.
Crest Illustration - Product Illustration done in Adobe Illustrator.
Owly the Owl - feedback appreciated.
Ad Council Magazine Ad - Ad done for a Cognitive Theory project for class.
Dentist Magazine Ad - ad done for a class project advertising my dentist office. Logo on ad was created by me as well.
Invisalign Brochure - inside of a brochure for Invisalign I made for class.
Invisalign Brochure Front & Back - the back and front of the brochure. Brochure opens from the middle.
Concert in the Park - poster i'm working on, Please leave me your feedback or suggestions.
Unicorn Battle - poster I'm currently working on.