"A beauty combined with functionality" My legazy zigzag furniture lamp is a multi purpose danish design functional 2 in 1 (Side table + lamp) furniture. This lamp has the concept to make your interior space more slicker & life easier. Made of solid wood with a choice of a natural finished
Wood icon lamp www.binarlamp.com ig : @binarlamp
Designing a mix philosophy and hobby lamp for modern interior needs, which combine a flower vase with desk lamp that still has a meaningful value in each content
"Courage" furniture lamp is a collaboration series project with Mr. Handoko Hendroyono, an doodle artist, author of book called brand gardener and doart planner, to celebrated chinese new year of horse binar tried to bring a beautiful story about art and make it real
"Walk not run" furniture lamp is a collaboration series project with an artisan Mr. Handoko Hendroyono, an author of book called brand gardener and doart owner,
Designing a vintage classic lamp design using recycled motorcycle parts material mix with reclaimed wood base finished. www.binarlamp.com ig : @binarlamp
Designing table lamp with simplicity of the exposed light bulb & wire frame body.
Designing an edgy unusual idea about lamp to bring to the table, i create a small unique expose wire body lamp with a recycle used item "karung beras" (rice sack).
Design collaboration with one of the respectable furniture interior design company "toimoi indonesia". to set the new industrial feel steel pipe lamp with a rust metal look for an edgy customers.
Batik (Indonesian Cultural Art) Lamp collaboration series with a re known doodle artist Mr. Handoko from doart & brand gardener author, merge with one of a great Indonesia batik art artist from Sidji Batik
binar pipe furniture lamp www.binarlamp.com ig : @binarlamp
binar copper lamp www.binarlamp.com ig : @binarlamp
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Building an own personal brand that the line of business is on designing art lamp and lighting for local product.

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Medina Mochdie
General Artist Jakarta, Indonesia