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Women's Striped Beach Tote - Versatile construction created to be merchandised with the Striped Boat shoe story, but also built so that the tool/design could be repurposed to merchandise with additional graphics and footwear collections on later seasons.
crocs - crocskin women's wristlet - Fully molded EVA wristlet with PU pockets and silver metal details. Fun pop colors for the mom on the go. Back pocket is designed to hold most smartphones including Iphones. Easy snap open/closed for quick access.
J by crocs charms - FH12 Collection - Metal strap charms designed to attach to flip flops and other strappy shoes. These charms are designed specifically for women as jewelry for their feet and accessories. The strap style backing allows the customer to also place the charm on a purse, sunglasses, and many other accessories.
crocs - huarache pouch - This women's makeup/multi-purpose pouch is fully molded EVA with a zip top closure. Designed to coordinate with the women's huarache footwear line.
crocs - adrina purse - Fully molded TPU tote with EVA base designed to tie back to crocs adrina footwear line and translucent collection. The open air construction makes this bag ideal for the beach goer. Easily cleanable by spraying it out with water and will allow for the air drying of a wet swimsuit or towel.
crocs - women's accessories (photos)

Molded and hybrid accessories geared specifically towards women. These fun and colorful accessories were designed to tie into specific crocs footwear lines for merchandising.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Megan Trujillo
Art Director Denver, CO