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Dream - sketch done in moleskin sketchbook, done with felt tipped pen and prismacolor markers, no pencil. @Melanie Audet 2013
The one on the left was recreated from a great little sketch I found on the internet. The one on the right was this Buddhist inspired drawing I found, and loved it so I redrew it.
The drawing on the left is from a sculpture I found on the internet when Google's header was featuring work from Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian sculptor. I started drawing his limestone sculpture, but added my own quirky elements.

The drawing on the right is an elephant. :)
Cuteness! - I was trying some sort of collage, and a stencil, but it didn't look good, so I painted over the stencil work with India ink. The effect is this nice black on black stencil relief. The I painted some cute characters coming out of the black grass-like stuff.
Sketch based on Jewel's song "Pieces of You" - I was listening to the album 'Pieces of You' by Jewel, and she has sung the line 'You say Jew as if being born were a sin..." and I got inspired to draw a Hasidic Jew.
Yellow door - I was volunteering at the Yellow door, a little coffee house that has bands, and I felt inspired to try and sketch the area. It's been a long time since I've sketched real life. :)
Shaking Hands - Pen on paper
Neither girl nor boy
Devil Kitty
Dinosaur Man
Slug Toothpaste
Box Boy
Pen and Ink Illustrations
Melanie Audet
Graphic Designer • Illustrator Montreal, Canada