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Buddha sketch
Scary man
Experiment with stencil
Geisha sketch
Girl and Alien
Weird guy 2
Hannibal Lector sketch
Fat cat
Koi sketch
Japanese Kitty
Monkey Man
Purple Bird sketch
Old Man Winter
Sun and Poem
Star Trek Guy and Fancy Man
Yeti with Toilet Paper
Weird guy
A-Dome in Hiroshima - I was in Hiroshima, and I stopped and sat on a bench to draw this. It's close to the photo I took. :) It was the day I got to talk to a local who wanted to practice his English.
Hack It! Hacky Sack Book - A great project involving 14 illustrations depicting different hacky sack moves.
Study of feet - Study of feet using conte
Heian Jingu Gardens - This is the garden with the 'floating' stones that Scarlett Johansson crossed when she went to Kyoto, in the movie "Lost in Translation." This is my sketch.
Scary man - A simple pencil drawing
Owl on a branch
Studies - A little study of humans using a conte stick
Pencil Sketches
Melanie Audet
Graphic Designer • Illustrator Montreal, Canada