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Greeting Cards - Medium: Adobe Illustrator
Five greeting card designs for my small company Studio IroIro. They're intended to look like paper cutouts. Another five designs or so are in the works.
Seasons illustration set - Medium: Adobe Illustrator

5 bookmark designs done to the theme of "Seasons."
The boy and the dragon sword - 8 scenes of a fairy tale that was told within a larger comic entry.

Done in Adobe Illustrator, paper and wood textures scanned and altered in Photoshop.
Onoraptor Coloring Book - A collaboration with Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein.

Original story, illustrations, and layout by me.
Editing and inks by Rhiannon.

Originally made as a favor to a friend, who was looking for an activity book for her young daughter. Preferably, one with dinosaurs and giant robots and cute.
Animal Buttons - Button/pin designs for Studio IroIro. Done completely in Adobe Illustrator.

Featuring dinosaurs, water animals, and the Chinese zodiac.
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Studio IroIro - Illustration
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