Greeting card illustration in watercolor, pastel and pencil.
Illustrated and wrote book about a lonely dog named Louie.
"Elephant" in pencil and watercolors.
Created bold modern graphic piece.
illustrated this card in pastels entitled, "I Love Koi".
Illustrated greeting card entitled, "Lotus Rising".
Illustrated this card entitled "Garden Beauty".
Created illustration in pencil.
Gummi Bears illustration.
Swedish fish illustration.
"Argentinosaurus" illustration.
"Summer Solstice" in pastels and watercolors.
Illustrated greeting card in mixed media entitled "Inner Beauty".
Illustrated this card entitled, "Kali". Kali, is the Hindu goddess of empowerment.
"Mum's The Word" in mixed media.
Illustration in mixed media entitled "Kindness".
"Guardian Angel" in pastel and pencil.
This card in pastels is entitled, "Fly, the Universe will support you!".
"Dream, the Universe will support you!", in pastel.
I designed this card in pastels for Little Lotus Flower. It is called "Love".
This is entitled, "Namaste Buddha".
"Burning Heart" in pastels and watercolors.
"Portal to Freedom and Peace", in pastels.
Happy Valentine's Day Collage.
Greeting Cards for Orthodontists - Designed these for Davis Creative in Boulder, Colorado.
Who's Coming to My Party? - Designed this whimsical card for Paper Culture. This is for a child's birthday party. You can purchase at
Greetings - Designed this holiday greeting card.
This piece is entitled, "Birds of Peace".
"Joy" for Christmas cards.
This card is entitled, "Chakra".

Various projects in pastels, watercolors and pencil.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Milena Artist
Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Art Director New York, NY