Valentine's Day Seasonal Plush Concept.
Mr. PotatoHead plush concept.
Pound Puppies Plush. From concepts to completion.
Pound Puppies Pinscher plush Playset concept.
Pound Puppies Design Sheet to send to the factory for product sampling.
Littlest Pet Shop plush sample pose revision.
Red Lines for Littlest Pet Shop "Mika" plush. A big part of Product development is sending corrections to the factory so that the character is done properly so you must be able to instruct the factory on what needs to be revised.
My Little Pony in purse concept.
Seasonal Santa hat pattern for My Little Pony I made to send to the factory for sampling.
My Little Pony Seasonal Easter Egg Plush Concept Sheet.
MLP Madame Pinkie Pie Fortune Telling concept.
My Little Pony Light up horn and wings plush concepts.
Puppy plush concepts - Plush puppy design
Cute Teddy Bear plush - Concept plush illustration
Rag Teddy Plush - I designed this and got the sample made. I created a entire line of alternative plush, this is just one of many!
Madballs plush pattern I made in-house.
MadBalls plush concept. I created the patterns to create samples in house. I can sew samples and create patterns to cut down costs and time.
Poodle in purse concept - A plush company wanted to see how I could improve on a existing product.
Seasonal Dog Toy Plush Design Sheet
Plush Pet Toy concepts for Christmas.
Plush cats and purses designed by me.
Easter Bunny plush. I created this concept.
Bratz Petz - I designed the line of "Bratz Petz". Cats, dogs and foxes with a flare for fashion!
Plush dogs with fashion sense. I designed the plush as well as the accessories and clothing.
Bratz Petz Plush fashion foxes - A line of plush fashion forward foxes!
I designed this line of plush cats, palaces and accessories sets
Rescue Me Pets - Plush Dogs I designed.
Plush pouch pets - A group of plush animals designed with pouches to hold your secrets close.
Valentine's Day plush
Plush Sleep Mask concepts.
Paw Paw plushes - I did a line of plush dog breeds. Here are the illustrations and samples I got back from China.
Plush Siamese cat - I designed this artistic and unique Siamese cat for a small plush and gift company.
Plush Toy Design
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Mel Nerell
Toy Design/Apparel/ Product/ Textile/Art Director Los Angeles, CA