Tsum Tsum notebook.
Production file for Disney Christmas gift bags.
Muppets, Kermit notebook design.
Disney "Sweet Dream" gift bag.
Muppets "Animal" notebook
Disney Keepsake Boxes.
Disney "Sweet Dream" Wrapping paper.
Notebook with gold foil detail
Christmas botanical nesting boxes - Group of nesting boxes I designed for a large retail chain store.
Nesting Shadow boxes - Butterfly stamp themed collection of nesting gift boxes.
Keepsake storage box design for Home Goods, Ross and TJ Maxx
Soap Gift box design with rhinestone and gold foil accents.
Silhouettes - Concepts for small antique book inspired pocket note books with silhouette artwork.
Travel Scrapbook - This is a mock-up of a travel scrapbook kit I did for a gift company.
Punch outs for travel themed scrapbook
Butterfly inspired scrapbook kit
Paris themed scrapbook kit
Crafty Floral note cards - Craft themed floral note cards for a craft retail store chain.
Plaid floral themed notecards - Group of plaid floral note cards I designed.
Bird silhouettes graphics - Bird silhouettes for a group of note cards with monograms.
Peacock themed stationery set
Cute monkey themed phone book
Poodle stationery set
Spring Paisley Group - These are a set of stationary Items I did for a big chain store.
cute poodle stationery - These are the stationery samples from China. The pink poodle is flocked and there are rhinestone accents on every paper item.
Inspirational Floral group - This is a group of stationary products that will be sold individually that I designed.
Valentine's gift bag
Holiday gift boxes
Gift Tags
Journal mock ups
Stationary and Gift
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Mel Nerell
Toy Design/Apparel/ Product/ Textile/Art Director Los Angeles, CA