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(un)Fold It - I really enjoy entertaining and having a large number of people over. The problem is that I didn't have a very large space, and so having a large bench was out of the question. The folded bench solved that by being a seat for one in the folded position, but a three seater when unfolded. In this way it fulfilled my need to entertain as well as adjusting to my smaller space.
(un)Fold It. - For those who love to entertain, but don't usually have the space: (un)Fold It is the perfect choice. In the unfolded position, it has seated 5 very friendly people. Usually seats 3 people.
The Celebration of the Elm Tree - After a decades-old Elm Tree on the Brown University Campus succumbed to Dutch elm disease, the parts were reassembled to become a hanging chair. Made by weaving green elm branches together, the only other material used is the rope attaching the chair to the large branch.
xi bunk bed
xi bunk bed
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Wooden Furniture
Freelance, Full-time
Melody Chang
Designer San Francisco, CA