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Designed to bring awareness of an employee wellness program. The flyer and poster were shared with employees and resulted in nearly 30% of 200 employees registering for program. Created while adhering to brand guidelines.
I was given the project of redesigning an ad my client had recently published into a well known magazine.

To make the type visually pleasing, I tightened the paragraph leading and gave the piece a larger safety. This was done so when printed into the magazine, the wording would not be so close to the fold.
I also chose imagery that better reflected WellPoint's brand in terms of customer care and chose a brand specific color to adhere to WellPoint brand guidelines.
ServeNext Newsletter
Designed with a clean, modern style. Using red, white and blue to hint US flag.
Fight the Zero flyer for a protest that took place in Washington, DC. I designed this flyer for ServeNext, a grassroots advocacy organization. The design was to reflect Russian Constructivism.
Darkly Dreaming Dexter Book Cover - Book cover was designed to represent the main character's constant internal monologue "The Code."
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Freelance, Full-time
Christina Mendez
Graphic Designer/Packaging Designer Miami, FL