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Green Donna® Menstrual Cup - 3D vizualization of Green Donna's menstrual cup and packaging
>pint© - Silicone unbreakable and re-usable mug for summer festivals or other events where plastic cups are normally used.
meshi© - A conceptual design about an animal which you can eat without the guilt of making it suffer or die...
Speak Up© - A voice recording digital pen.

Connect it to a pc and it stores your data in audio format or converts it directly into editable text.
Nespresso® Squash© - My participation on the Nespresso Design Contest 2008, as part of the curriculum ofmy last year of the Equipment Design at Lisbon Fine Arts School

Done in collaboration with:
David Anastacio
Marco Balsinha (http://www.marcobalsinha.com/)
Rute Luzio

Nespresso Squash is "vertical" coffee table, compromised of a magnetized stand (wich stores sugar inside), ceramic finish cups (ceramic/metallic compound) and metal spoons.
bone© - bone is petware concept that revolves around the idea of dividing a dog feeder in two locking halves for transport...
glas© trinkware - Glas is a line of minimal, stackable drinkware...
glas© packaging - Minimun impact, recyclabe cardboard packaging for the glas product line.
Sohou© - Sohou (japanese for touch) is a drinkware line with minimal design, that features a small thumb indentation similar to that used in japanese ceramics.

Thermae© - An home SPA concept inspired by roman therms inteligent usage of water and energy.
Grama© - Grama is a digital kitchen weighter, just settle a bowl or dish and it activates automaticaly.
Car boot - Self-locking car boot designed during my third year at FBAUL

Collab with Maria Neo, Sofia Neves, Tiago Lopes Almeida and Vera Duarte
Seat3r© - An handcrafted pinewood bench. No nails, no screws just locking and glue :)
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