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(Dodge)Ram Cocept - I sketched this concept because of my current dislike of the static, non-dynamic look of the front fascia on Ram trucks. Ram needs more aggression! More cowboy! More umph!
Concept Car - Automotive concept
Concept Car
Dodge Magnum Concept - This was a show-off sketch of a Dodge Magnum concept that I quickly sketched to impress car designers, Brad Gieske and Winnie Cheung at Designer's Night at TEAMS Design studio, Chicago, IL
Monster Car Concept
Chevrolet Volt Remix
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Automotive Concept Sketches

Gebre Mesquitta © all rights reserved

Sketching cars is my favorite past time....currently as of this year 2016, I'm engaging in a car sketch per day project, where I aim to have 366 car sketches by the end of the year! Stay tuned! Car sketches book coming soon!

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