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Ginger Scraper

An enhanced metal version of a wooden handmade-type ginger grater....

We saw a wooden ginger grater and loved the simple and handmade-type look of the design, and decided to redesign it in chrome or stainless steel.....and so here you go.?...

While designing it I decided to not only have a standing device to scrape the ginger on, but to also have a tray to catch the gratings as well. The standing part is attached to a swivel-piece that enables it to swivel into a laying down position in the tray. And, it is then simultaneously pushed into a complete snug fit within the tray via tabs that protrude out the sides of the swivel piece which slides in slots on the inside sides of the tray.?
The funny thing is I didn't realize that a similar design mechanism nearly existed already LOL! As you can see in the last picture of an existing metal grater. However, ours looks way more more cute! Agree????
The fun part of this project was modeling the detail of the grating elements.

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