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Electronic Printer Abacus - Recognition:
1991 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review

The Electronic Printer Abacus is a hybrid product concept exploring the delicate merging of cultures. The concept combines the centuries-old abacus with modern technologies. Sensors record an operator's actions, determine the position of the beads and transfer data to an LCD readout and printer; solving the perennial problem of pausing to record and tally figures without altering the familiar manual interface.
Sun Ray 270 [2007 CES Innovations Award for Eco-Design | 2006 Good Design Award] - The Sun Ray 270 Virtual Display Client delivers secure, interoperable desktop computing without the maintenance, upgrading, and operational costs of desktop computers. It is eco-friendly, compact, and offers VESA mounting.

The design and functionality keeps with Sun's founding vision, "The Network is the Computer," as well as their commitment to eco-responsibility.

Sun Rays use less energy, are more secure, and are easier to maintain than typical desktop computers.
Oracle Sun Ray 270 - Oracle’s Sun Ray virtual display clients provide an interoperable desktop computing solution that reduces the maintenance, upgrade, and operational costs associated with most desktop environments. The Sun Ray 270 virtual display client is an all-in-one unit that includes a 17-inch flat panel monitor. Its compact design and flexible VESA mounting options make it particularly well suited for space-constrained environments such as call centers, healthcare, finance, service providers, and education.
Firetide HotPoint Mesh Router - 2003 DemoMobile DemoGods Award
Firetide HotPoint Mesh Router | 2003 DemoMobile DemoGod Award - Firetide HotPoint wireless mesh routers enable deployment of instant wireless networks and wi-fi hot zones. They eliminate the need for expensive wiring in large scale installations such as airports, campuses, and convention centers.
BACtrack Breathalyzer - BACtrack is a device which tracks blood alcohol content. An innovative Dual Flow Tube steadies airflow to the sensor and allows subjects to blow without physical contact. There are no protruding tubes or disposable mouthpieces making it perfect for sharing. Dual intakes facilitate right or left handed use or with others holding the device. Light Rings provide a visual target to indicate where and when to start and stop blowing. High contrast reversed LCD and one button make it user-friendly.
Waldo Health Home Monitor - Waldo Health is a telemedicine device designed to help those with chronic diseases manage their healthcare from home. The product features an intuitive touch screen UI, alert light, and videoconferencing. It also works with devices like glucose and blood pressure monitors and transfers information to remote care providers. Accessing medical records, researching conditions, scheduling appointments, interfacing with care providers and managing medications can all be done in one device.
VCR Co-Pilot - VCR Copilot | 1999 BusinessWeek/IDSA IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Award

The VCR Co-Pilot is a product which makes programming video cassette recorders quick and easy. The VCR Co-Pilot uses graphical slide switches and familiar analog clock face dials make it intuitive. Slide switches set the record day and AM/PM and dials set the start and stop times. An LCD screen shows the current time as well as all settings as they are being made. Infrared signals send programming codes to any VCR.
LCD Monitor Customization - Custom designed LCD monitor stand that transforms the look and feel of an exsiting height adjust and swivel mechanism to better fit existing corporate design language while accomodating an OEM 24.1" LCD monitor cabinet. Design also features prominent and interchangeable branding insert in the base foot and intuitive cable management.
GF Pedal Pump Airpot - The Pedal Pump Air Pot is an innovative commercial thermal beverage dispenser designed for public food service. A large, angled pedal pump button is highly-visible and accessible to users. Features not intended for self-serve customers, such as the lid release and lock slider are hidden from view. Features include a magnetic content label bib, a self folding handle, and a turning coaster base that keeps spout and cup aligned. A slot on rear of the head accepts a padlock to prevent tampering.
Nova Alarm Clock - An analog clock with a form composed of dynamic, sweeping arc shapes. The design features an angled clock face and a large, easy to access alarm off switch.
Alcotect 350 Digital Alcohol Detector - The Alcotect 350 Digital Alcohol Detector is a sleek and stylish alcohol breathalyzer designed to determine blood alcohol content and whether or not a person is legally drunk. Designed for the consumer market, the device has color-coded mouthpieces to enable sanitary multi-person testing at parties and social events.
Ophthalmic Surgical Eye Laser Photocoagulator - The Photoniq Photocoagulator is used with a slit lamp to perform eye surgery. The device cauterizes blood vessels with heat generated by a laser beam. The laser creates tiny, controlled burns that create adhesive forming scar tissue. A vertical design minimizes the footprint. An LCD touch screen allows for numerous customizable user interfaces and languages. The key switch and emergency stop button are positioned to be easy to see but difficult to activate accidentally.
Photoniq Ophthalmic Photocoagulator - A surgical eye laser with a space-saving, small foorprint vertical form factor and touch screen interface.
Gymtek Magnetic Gymnastics Vaulting System - [1992 US Olympic Committee SETC Sports Equipment Design Award]

Gymtek is a gymnastics apparatus used in vaulting exercises which automatically adjusts spring tension for weight using a weight scale and electromagnetic repulsion instead of cumbersome physical springs. A gymnast first steps on a weight scale and the board adjusts to the proper tension. Front wheels and magnetic closing makes for easy stowing and storage. The metaphor of a leapfrog was used as inspiration.
Golf Measuring Device - Pinpoint Golf is a device designed for avid recreational golfers that measures the distance in yards to a given feature or hole along the golf course. Golf courses would install a system of radio frequency beacons that triangulate signals to accurately pinpoint the golfer's position and accurately determine yardage. The handheld device helps the golfer decide which iron to use for a particular shot and greatly speeds up the flow and enjoyment of the game.
Cascadia Chair - The Cascadia chair design explores furniture as a form of functional sculpture, the chair features a distinctive cascading form where the seat appears to "grow" out of the sweeping wooden surface. The soft, rounded backrest invites and embraces the occupant bringing a sense of "warmth" to the intimate ritual of sitting. Designed to accept a variety of stains and finishes and with an interchangeable polypropylene backrest, Cascadia can be customized to accommodate any decor.
Star Wars Episode I ActionFleet Toys - Only a few examples of many vehicle and playset toy designs for Hasbro and Galoob Toys' MicroMachines ActionFleet line based on LucasFilm's Star Wars Episode I film. Involvement included film adaptation, concept development, value engineering, scaling, mechanical development and control drawings for overseas production.
Sushi Wireless Notebook USB Optical Mouse - The Sushi is a compact wireless computer mouse designed for the OEM market. The mouse functions both as a wireless mouse when charged and corded mini-USB mouse when charging. A multi-color "roe" LED indicator provides status information. An interchangeable "sushi" top allows private label customization.
Slim Photo Frame Optical Drive - The Slim Frame Optical Drive is a slim external USB 2.0 and Firewire optical DVD Read-Writable drive that also serves as a desktop photo frame. Instead of sitting on a desk and wasting space when not in use, this design adds the function of displaying photographs.
Hard Disk and Optical Drive
Slim External Optical Drive
Hard Disk Optical Drive Enclosure
Hard Disk Optical Drive Enclosure
OEM Drive enclosure designed with integrated rotating foot for vertical orientation and TPE soft feel dimple grip. Design uses identical halves for low cost tooling and easy inventory management.
Hard Drive Optical Drive Enclosure
Hard Drive | Optical Drive
Drive Enclosure with Accessory Rail
Femtosecond Scientfic Laser
Femtosecond Scientific Laser | 1996 - The Femtosec Laser is a high-end, precision scientific femtosecond laser used for scientific research and experimentation. Most lasers are housed in bulky, unattractive cases. Femtosec's space-efficient design houses an internal optics bench, where all optics and lasers are mounted, in an elegant form factor.
Metabolic Gas Exchange Monitor - The Metabolic Gas Exchange Monitor is used in critical care situations to monitor the oxygen intake of a patient. The system consists of 2 separate units, the Patient Module and the Control Module. A clean, non-threatening design appropriately fits within the clinical environment. Over-molded, protuding elastomer buttons on the Control Module bezel ensures ample tactile feedback is provided to health care operators who are wearing gloves while eliminating debris collecting gaps.
Thermal Beverage Airpot - Thermal beverage airpot with large pump lever and waterfall design.
Waldo Health Detail
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