Literal Brand Identity

Literal is for people who are never satisfied with what the mass, the popular and the ordinary have to offer; they long for something better in everything. In the Literal rebranding, we were tasked with creating a community brand in multiple areas, from music to fashion to production, editorial content, and even brand collaborations.

This project is an example of how a simple rebranding brief evolved into a comprehensive project update that strengthened marketing and sales efforts. We redefined the project, designed a new logotype, created a new custom typeface, and developed an integrated visual strategy based on the theme of "longing for a better".

In contrast to the debranding trend among fashion brands, our goal was to establish Literal as a distinctive brand and cultivate a unique design language. Uniqueness is the key to being remembered. People who look, act, dress, speak, work and think like everyone else are unlikely to make a lasting impression.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Mehmet Gozetlik
Creative Director Cupertino, CA