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There is a classic look of nonchalance conveyed by carrying something slung over your shoulder. This is evident in the hobo’s preferred form of luggage, the bindle, which is typically fashioned from a bandana or blanket packed with possessions and tied to the end of a sturdy stick. This classic design has been updated for the 21st century in the form of the Flybag. This concept captures the easy-going attitude of the bindle but with improved ergonomics, functionality, and looks.
I developed the form of the Flybag by sketching general concepts that focused on appearance and functionality. Then, I resolved the ergonomics by creating a small-scale sketch model around a drawing doll. I applied the general principles uncovered by the model-making in the fabrication of a full-scale prototype.
The finished Flybag is comfortable and easy to carry. Its large central compartment and wide main opening make it easy to load as well. The Flybag is a great alternative to backpacks and messenger bags for the user who wants to convey a relaxed and free-spirited attitude.
Michael Hages
Partner at Price Heneveld LLP Grand Rapids, MI