continuity - A furniture unit designed for the small room. coffe table: MDF, veneer storage/bench: MDF, caster stool: styrene foam, batting, fabric cushion: foam, fabric ---------------- Designing the small living space, the size of 10'x10'x8'. Focusing on the part that can be functionally overlapped between each of the typical activities; sleeping, cooking, socializing, working, and dressing, each movement will be allowed to shift sequentially, within the minimum space. (continue next page)
activities / transformation sequence - (continued) Based on this concept, this furniture unit was designed especially for the overlap-able area of sleeping, working and socializing, in order to be usable for different occasions, by re-directioning, re-assembling and storing.
study of zone for each activities
1/4 study models
early sketches
Mihoko Ouchi
Design, Creative Direction San Fransisco, CA