emotional skin - A wall system to improve the sense of comfort in public elevators. ------ The elevator is a public space which is packed with emotions, most of which are negative. By redesigning the interior space using the approach of emotional design, the new design addresses unmet needs based on our behaviors and emotions, in order to create a positive experience for people. ------ *Thesis project in collaboration with IAA, the NY based NFP. *Featured in: design*sponge, Design & Emotion Society
exhibition board - KEY POINTS: [Color / Light] Provides an immediate effect during the short elevator ride. [Module] "Skin" of cab allows for a retrofit in stead of a total rebuild. [Distraction] Gives passengers something to look at and experience. [Behavior] Utilizes existing behavior patterns of passengers to allow for "ultra-comfort".
design research - According to my own survey of elevator passengers: 74% feel awkwardness and 57% tend to stare the indicators. Because there is nothing to look at.
user scenario
concept development
sketch model - experimentation of the transition of color and light
emotional skin
Mihoko Ouchi
Design, Creative Direction San Fransisco, CA