stacked - porcelain, clear/black glaze tall: h 2.5" / w 5" short: h 2.5" / w 4" --------------- The concept is paying attention to the subtlety in our ordinary life, and materializing it into the design, which is meaningful and humorous. To tell the truth, the bunch of the cups are actually only several. It made fun of our habit of stacking the cups.
book lamp - book, light bulb, acrylic sheet, chord ---------------- One of your books in the bookshelf will be lit, just like wisdom written in the book shines in your head.
coin tower - pine wood h 9.5" w 1.5" d 1.5" ---------------- Inspired by traditional woodworking joint technique, this mini-architectural coin storage organizes your messy coins and mutate into a new objet. Each segment stores penny, nickel and quarter for exactly one-dollar amount. The segment can be added as many as you want.
a strict chair - bent plywood h 33.5” (seat 19.5“) w 13” d 15” thickness 1" ----------- A bent plywood dining chair that is straightens one's posture. Intentionally ‘uncomfortable’ chair gives us certain tension for certain situation. The chair is not a thing only to relax.
summer cloud - 2004 bent plywood h 20" w 47" d 10" thickness 0.5" ----------- Concept of the lines in Summer cloud is adopted by considering the aesthetic of bent plywood, and the functional needs of horizontal planes for the bookshelf.
touch me, anywhere - pine wood h 27.5" w 11” d 11” thickness 0.5" ---------- A small tower shelf which is designed as an end table/storage for living room or bedside space. Aimed for making the most of geometric aesthetic and conveniences to be able to access from any angle.
Mihoko Ouchi
Design, Creative Direction San Fransisco, CA