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Philips Healthcare- Amara full face mask

Philips Amara Full Face Mask

My role was a junior design supporting the project. I worked with Sr. designers, Creative Leads, and engineering project teams to design and develop Amara.

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that can be characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing during sleep. This constant awakening by pauses in breath, results in fatigue, hypertension and heart related problems.

Amara is a full-face mask used for sleep apnea patients. Full-face masks are typically used for patients with severe sleep apnea that require higher pressure of CPAP therapy. (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

Amara is intended to be an approachable and open full face mask, while improving usability. The design is clear and open which helps remove the emotional stigma associated with sleep apnea. The team approached common usability issues with most full-face masks by adding a unique cushion removal feature that allows users with limited dexterity to remove and clean the cushion.

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Mihai Hogea
Industrial Designer @ Philips Design Pittsburgh - OLD Work. Updated... Pittsburgh, PA