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Closed case, anterior view.
Expandable inner pocket
Elastic band view
Fully open case
Closed case, bird's eye view.
Elastic band detail view
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Recycled Kindle Cover

Instead of buying a stock kindle cover, I opted to create my own from used and recycled materials for a total project cost of $0.

- An old suede envelope forms the exterior for a durable and classic appearance, with several parts of a used Moleskine sketchbook on the interior. From this, the case holds an entire library while still appearing and FEELING like an old leather bound book.
- Using the Moleskine allowed for a expandable inner pocket for letters, cards, money etc.
- Cut neoprene foam from irrigation pipe insulated was used as the back contact for the device to cushion and prevent scratches with elastic bands holding it in place.
- Rigid cardboard from the sketchbook formed the backing structure and front shell to distribute any sudden pressures across the area and away from the screen.