A screenshot of the original CAD model that I created for this project. The housing design shown is ready for mass-manufacturing via two injection-molded housing halves featuring sufficient draft angles, lip/groove clearances, and a uniform wall thickness where possible. The label recess on the top face of the lid protects the identification label from being damaged during unit stacking.
An internal rendering demonstrating the ability of the protruding top face of a housing case to sit inside the recessed space on the bottom of the case when units are stack on top of one another.
Because the units could be stacked atop of one another, it was important for users to still be able to identify the color ink pad inside from a moment's glance. Therefore, in addition to the top-side colored label already present, an additional colored label (and matching housing recess) was introduced to the major arc face of the housing.
Focusing on the finger-access pocket found along the seam of the housing assembly to allow users to pry the lid off the case, gaining access to the moist ink pad (of a matching mermaid scale shape) hidden inside.
An internal rendering demonstrating the ability of the housing cases to nest beside each other, as seen on depictions of a mermaid's tail. The radii of the arcs that define the shape of the housing were chosen to allow for the units to form the array shown.
An internal rendering demonstrating the idea of having the label-free lid be translucent (to give visibility to the ink pad inside) while colorizing the bottom housing half to indicate the color of the ink contained inside.
An internal rendering demonstrating an example of how an assortment of ink pad units could be packaged together to show off the unique shape of the housings as well as clearly show what colors are included.
A photograph of the final product (including the final label design) as depicted on the Spellbinders' website.
A photograph of the final product with the lid removed to reveal the moist, colorful ink pad inside.
A photograph of stacks of various SKUs of this product, available in stores today.
Squid Ink - Hybrid Ink Pad

Spellbinders and Jane Davenport collaborated on developing a uniquely-shaped ink pad for their upcoming collection. The ink pad casing was to be shaped like a mermaid scale and be able to nest beside and atop copies of itself.

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