Cableyoyo is an empty spool around which you wrap your existing cord. It will take any cord up to 5mm in diameter, and this covers all low voltage chargers, USB, firewire, data and telephone cables.
The Cableyoyo’s design is ultra-thin so the cord cannot overlap when coiled. This neat coiling ensures that you can pack the most cord into the smallest amount of space and still keep it truly untangled and untwisted when extended. The ultra thin design also means it packs easily into those narrow pockets in a laptop bag or your pocket, with little bulging.
Two small inbuilt clasps hold the cord at just the right length when you have finished coiling. Unwinding is simple. Put your thumb and index finger in the center hole and just pull the end of the cord.
Another great feature of Cableyoyo is that it comes with an adhesive spindle. Stick this, say, to the back of your screen, and then you can snap on and off the Cableyoyo whenever you wish. You can even stack them two-up by fixing the spindle to one of the Cableyoyos. A good way to keep your cables always together.

Cableyoyo '04 / client: Bluelounge Design / at: Bluelounge Design / my role: product design / info: While interning at Bluelonge Design I worked on their inhouse project of Cableyoyo, which later turned out to be a very successful cable management accessory and received several awards. Cableyoyo started a whole line of products currently available at

Michal Gorzynski
product / graphic designer and art director South Jakarta, Indonesia