Nidecker snowboard boots '04 / client: Nidecker / at: Bluelounge Design / my role: product design / info: Nidecker snowboard boots collection for 2005-2006 season. I worked on boots detailing and all the liners design.
Wirebike '03 / client: school project / at: Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk / my role: product design, modeling, rendering / info: A concept of a three wheeled bike with innovatory propulsion and steering system. The project was a finalist of the International Bicycle Design Competition in 2003 and won Merit Prize.
An adjustable size three wheeled bike for young children. Propulsion and steering is done with the feet using a cable and ratchet system. The concept is similar to rowing a boat with a sliding seat where both legs are pushed forward to drive the rear wheel and one leg is pulled back to turn.
The front axle is attached to the back wheel with a cable. A spring loaded ratchet mechanism coils the cable up when the legs are bent, and drives the back wheel as the legs are extended, propelling the vehicle forward.
Urba '04 / client: private project / at: freelance work / my role: product design, illustration / info: A quick concept of portable urban transportation product.
It is small, lightweight and can be carried in hand or as a backpack. It folds flat and slides into a plastic/fabric enclosure to keep away the dirty parts from clothing and other people while carrying. Urba is friendly and soft, it has no sharp corners and provides padding on body contact. There is no need to bring a separate bag and is very convenient for carrying everyday objects like keys, wallet, cell phone, music player.
The extendable side-walls allow the user to insert documents up to a4 size. It is inexpensive because of its simplicity of materials, construction and manufacturing. The angled hinge allows the surface of the board to tilt while turning creating a smoother, stable and safer ride at the same time. Handlebar is not fixed vertically, but it can move back and forth making the turning process easier. It is a simple, elegant design solution that makes an urban fashion statement.
Product Design
Michal Gorzynski
product / graphic designer and art director South Jakarta, Indonesia