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This is the sign chosen to be displayed in our store. The lower right hand corner is where the gift card holder sits.
The Yoga Sling is one of our most popular styles for women. However, no one knows how to put them on properly the first time around. Occasionally our store will get so busy that some customers will try it on improperly and either not like the fit or buy them and return them for not staying on properly. My suggestion to the manager was to make a sign for "Instructions" on how to properly wear the Yoga Sling. I borrowed 4 sketches from the instruction card that already comes attached to the sandal (which NO ONE ever looks at) and added one sketch of my own. Then I organized them into this lovely sign to be displayed right above the rack of Yoga Slings!
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A coupon I designed for the store I work at.
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This is a advertisement I made for our store to post on their Facebook page
Sanuk Store Display Signs

These are some display signs I have made for the store I work in.

Michelle Brandman
Graphic Designer & Freelance Artist San Ramon, CA