Concept 2050

Volkswagen ID5 is a design study, vision of future cars for the year of 2050. it looks like our future cars would filter the air and transform it into energy. You can read his explanation below.

It is a vehicle projected for the year 2050, it will be the first step to levitation in transport. Sometime in 2050, cars will probably not fly, but if we have advanced in technology, Concept id5 will be one of them being a hybrid. Id5 is concept car proposal for Volkswagen, it will have tires that transform air into energy and in turn will filter it to become clean air. Today fossil-fuel cars pollute our planet, in the future they will have the task to clean it and give us back useful energy. The direction of this car will be supported through magnetic levitation, with a autonomy level 4 (Conditional Automation) turning the interior into another place to work, rest or have a meeting.

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