VITA means life in Latin. The desire to navigate and have new experiences is that path called life, which leaves us unforgettable moments translated into a simple but great word, happiness. "Facing the sea happiness is a simple idea" Jean - Claude Izzo
VITA is a runabout boat which wants to combine the classic and modern concept by means of sobriety, elegance and style. Its main material is TECA wood veneer on the outside and inside. Its capacity is from 8 to 10 passengers. 12 meters in length. Two diesel engines with a power of 960 HP and a fuel tank of 780 liters.
It has a small room with a small toilet and a television, lighting at the top and bottom with two drawers to keep travel accesorior, clothes or various items.
It has a control cabin of clean and simple design, a tactile screen in the central part, on the right side we will have the control of the motors and on the left a joystick for the maneuvers in the high seas. Panoramic 360 and space for two lots on the back.

Freelance, Full-time
Miguel Mojica...
Product Designer Tolón, France