Playground - Model - This play structure is located on a neglected rooftop in Forest Park, a large urban park in St. Louis, near a hospital for children. In order to energize the dull, flat rooftop, I translated the topographic conditions of the site into play structure's design. The playground appeals to all the senses. Play features are complimented by the sound of water, smell of fragrant vegetation, feel of material variation and experience of ever changing light conditions through twisting wood lattices.
Busstop - Models
Busstop - Drawing
Dragonfly - This 2400 sq ft residence is located off of an alleyway in a dense coastal Carolina community. The house and all of its' elevations were hidden. Instead of stately entrances and massing typically found in exclusive communities, the design was focused internally. On a long and narrow site, we used a linear organization. Two bars of program line the edge of the property, creating a courtyard within. Mahogany walls extend outward connecting interior spaces with the exterior.
7222 Ocean Drive - The design relies on three ideas: a simple structure informed by a resilient vernacular, connecting to the site's natural features and an emphasis on the short journey to the beach. The entry stair is central to experience of the home, functioning as a way to descend into the land rather than to ascend to the house. Unpainted lattices recall the practical building traditions of the humble and bright southeast coast.
Work|Live Residence - Two analogous angular volumes containing studio spaces for sculpture and painting hover above a residence designed for displaying, working, living and entertaining. Disparate elements of the residence focus internally on to a courtyard contained within heavy masonry walls. A metal roof curves upward at the ends of the building, directing ambient northern light into the painting studio and direct southern light into the sculpture studio.
Business Incubator and Preschool