Smartlock Bike Lock - SmartLock is a cable lock that has cores of compressed air and liquid running through its body. If cut, the liquids spray out over the perpetrator, his tools, the bike and the scene of the crime. A bike that has been stolen will be covered in coloured dye (the dye renders the bike undesirable and therefore unsellable) as well as translucent Smartwater - an invisible forensic property marking liquid. Read all about it at:
Smartlock - The cable has four independent cores each supported by its own propellant. Two of the cores contain a staining dye and two contain a clear forensic marking liquid. To break the lock you would be sprayed four times and have to cut the oversize hardened steel cable. Read more at:
Smartlock in testing - If breached, the dye as well as smartwater markings help the authorities identify your bike, and can help link the thief to the crime. The dye may wash off but the effects of invisible smartwater linger on perpetrators and can be detected by ultra violet scanners used by the police. Both liquids also stain the ground identifying areas vulnerable to theft. See more at:
Smartlock Hytrel Casing - The lock barrel and lever components are surrounded by a hardened steel casing which is in turn encased in a Dupont Hytrel molding and the barrel is also protected by forensic liquid cells.
Mike Lambourn
Product Design Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom